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Went to the outlet at Downtown East. Service was very very bad. The staff were all seated down and did not even asked if we would like water. Not only that, they seemed to be staring intently in my direction and laughing at something on their phones. Happened to be around the area and apprently my friend has the Eatigo app which allows us to get half-off the food there.
I decided to get the Mushroom Soup ($5.90) for starters. The truffle oil was used to cover up the blandness of the soup. At least the Mentaiko Pizza ($18.90) fared better. Simple ingredients of shrimps, mozarella, mayo and mentaiko. Served on a thin crust, I wished the edges would have been softer and less charred. We asked for parmesan cheese which they did not have. Average food, bad service, zero ambience.