For a puny café operating out of little more than a hole in the wall, @carraracafesg serves up some excellent entrées. I would like to present the material evidence in my case: their Signature Chili Crab Pasta ($17.90 nett). I’ll get this disclaimer right outta the way first: it’s definitely NOT the most memorably piquant pasta in Singapore, but it’s serviceably sumptuous.⠀

The crumbs on the top are honest to God crabmeat, and there’s an ample allotment of it in here. A medley of squid rings, clams & prawns complete the quartet, and they’re portioned quite generously too. The cast of The Little Mermaid are given a thorough toss along with the slightly over al dente spaghetti in the charmer of a chili crab gravy.⠀

Speaking about the sapid sauce, it’s got quite a bit of ra-ra when it comes to spice. It’s not as sweet as the usual chili crab sauce, instead veering into salty & spicy territory. The consistency is viscous, slowly sliding off the back of my spoon in big blorps (I invented that word 5 seconds ago, now shut up) instead of a runny flow. Said sauce is also extremely eggy, and you will find an abundance of egg bits in every spoonful.⠀

In conclusion, with stellar spaghettis like their Signature Chili Crab Pasta, Carrara is punching way above their weight class when it comes to their main courses. This tiny café has got some serious ra-ra, I tell ya.