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Yum yum yum! 😋😋 Listed in descending order of derived enjoyment, the salted egg popcorn chicken was so so good?? Crispy bite-sized chicken chunks that were generously coated with salted egg, and can I just say their salted egg is so legit it comes with the leaf and the flavour is just so on point 🤤🤤 Mentaiko Fries was also a sinful beauty, with thin cut fries doused in mentaiko sauce, one plate simply wasn’t enough! Spam fries and truffle fries (or more like fries with chili sauce) were alright and decent to fight off those midnight hunger pangs. Get $5 off if you order through eatsy with a minimum spend of $50 (suggest you order double mentaiko instead of double truffle), and also 1-for-1 drinks with entertainer or 1-for-1 main dish with Burpple! 😋😋