This $98++ set meal for 4 pax comes with a large chigae hotpot, fresh green lettuce, heaps of dangkong (soy sprouts) and kimchi on the hotplate placed strategically downstream of the pork (so that the veg gets cooked in blistering hot oil which oozes out naturally as the pork crisps). Drinks are extra charge, at $2 per large glass of iced poricha.

Mangalica Pigs are small, cute and furry. This could have worked well in their favour had they not been so amazingly tasty and generously marbled as well. It is related to the European wild boar you see being roasted in Uderzo's comic strips, which I have wanted to eat when I was still Asterix's height. Mangalica samgyeopsal is amazingly well-suited for K BBQ's, as the founder of 8 Korea must have realised in a foodie eureka moment... I really learnt only five years ago on a family holiday that: pork bellies are tastier eaten only after they really really crisp, from a patient elder couple who ran a little samgyeopsal shop in Daehangno. This is somewhat surprising to me, because I have put many earlier meals of samgyeopsal with soju literally under my belt. Yet perhaps, it is not so surprising considering how soju can make one forget!
Now that I think of it, this tallies well with a great aunt's recipe for loh bak, which also calls for sauteeing the pork belly till it blisters.

I went to this restaurant at The Central on a weekend when it would be less crowded.