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Save the 1 hr 40 minute flight, and simply take a ride down to Changi Village for a taste of Ipoh! Mum works for an airline, and she always talks about how much we save by getting our Ipoh hor fun cravings sorted in Singapore, rather than having to take a flight. We never fail to remind her that coming ALL the way to Changi Village feels like we should just go a little further, hit the airport, and jump on the next flight out to Ipoh! For every weekend that my brother has to book into camp by 23:59, this hor fun has been my family's choice of supper just before we send him back to Hendon Camp. Many patrons order the pork chop hor fun, and you can call me boring, but I stick to my choice of the original Ipoh hor fun. Aside from the generous toppings and slippery, thin, flat rice noodles, we love every bit of that rich sauce made from old mother hens! Old is gold, just like they do in the original Ipoh store. We usually get two plates of the original Ipoh hor fun to share between the five of us, because we always make sure to leave some space for the red tea longan dessert with IQ balls! Sometimes, we would get one original and one pork chop hor fun, but this will always be met with distaste by my "no fried food" Commando brother :p NS for the boys is tough, but NS for my family is a happy duty for us all! :) These suppers certainly make the book-ins for my brother a little easier with a happy tummy! #hawkerpedia