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Black Pepper Crab in Hotpot $68/kg

Thursdate with @pomelow on 七夕情人节! 🎋😍 Even though she's working and on her phone/schedule one third of the time, it's still enjoyable *inserts music 习惯就好*

Say hello to our half priced good food. Yay to #Groupon's $49.90 for $100 voucher! Total damage: $67.50

Not sure why there's so many bad reviews about the place. The staff were friendly and helpful albeit the service being rather slow.
大概是因为我们小cute吧.. 😊科科

Crabbie's black pepper sauce was thick and shiok. Love the firm and spingy texture of the pincers.
螃蟹新鲜,肉质一丝一丝的。一个 Happy!

We also ordered Bacon Cheese Rolls $12 (MEH) and Hokkien Mee $5 (CAN EAT) and three mini desserts at $3.90 each (NTHG SPECIAL)

#eatmusttag #blackpeppercrab