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Had the chance to go to Changi Village recently; probably the thing that I had been looking forward to the entire day so much that I have had to get it despite it meaning I would have to eat it without feeling too hungry and that it would make for a rather early dinner.

Really like Weng Kee's rendition for its thick, savoury sauce that it comes with, with the chili helping to add a slightly different dimension of savouriness and also a light hint of spiciness that gives a little kick to tickle the tastebuds; should be pretty manageable even for those with a slightly lower tolerance to spiciness. The fried chicken was not as crisp as I wanted it to be, but does work as a meaty compliment to the Hor Fun overall. I know of some who find this a little overhyped, but this is great for me for the nostalgia factor; a good alternative for another rendition of it that I know I probably will never have a taste of ever again.