It's guuud! The mhk is different from my fav stall (ah yi at marsiling mall) - this one is rolled into sheets before being hand-pulled into mhk pieces. V different textures; this one is still chewy but in a flattened sheet kind of way, ah yi's is more thicc bc they don’t roll it flat.

Mine was the non-dark sauce dry version, which meant the only sauce was the minced meat sauce, but it was still appropriately saucey. Super flavourful, lots of shallots and ikan bilis and lard pieces - will ask for less lard & shallots next time bc I don't prefer so much. Onsen egg is perfectly done with a runny yolk!!

Also a shoutout to the SOUP with mani cai which had a v nice pleasant light mani cai flavour. We stan mhk stalls that use the authentic veg of choice - mani cai!!

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