This fairly new Japanese restaurant in Capitol Piazza will make you forget all these chirashi bowls with their OKAMOCHI BOX ($45) — a Japanese-style 'tingkat' that was commonplace in Japan during the Edo period. You'll be amazed as the server slides the front panel of wooden box to reveal three levels of awesomeness. The first drawer reveals a sprawling landscape of barachirashi — huge chunks of fish, prawn, tamago and ikura atop pearly rice, while the second tier contains side dishes including grilled chicken and salad. At the bottom, you’ll find sheets of seaweed, makisu (bamboo mat), a rice paddle, plus the usual condiments, everything you need for some hands-on fun! This generous portion makes it very value-for-money, and you can share this with a friend along with another dish. Ryu's also boasts fantastic sakes, and is a lovely, elegant spot that shouldn't be missed.