This creates a huge mess! 😭 It was quite messy to melt all of the cotton candy without squashing it all into the cup first. Trust me. Those Instagram perfect videos has gone through a lot of experience and mess to show you great shots. I lost almost half the cup of my espresso shot!
Overall it tasted alright. It was definitely very sweet! Coconut Gula Melaka tasted amazing though! Reminds me of the Malaysian Lamington (Onde-Onde). I couldn't taste much caffeine anymore because it was covered by all the sweetness from ice cream and cotton candy.
This style has lost its hype isn't it? Not too late for a review I hope!
I still have yet to try the original trend creator of cotton candy affogato at Oh Scooter!
Coffee: 6/10 Price: 5/10 (RM 13.90)