Finally got to try Heytea! We couldn’t really decide which flavour to get so we just picked the one which was said to be the bestseller - Very Grape Cheezo.

It tasted nice, but more like authentic grape juice rather than fruit tea, as I couldn’t really taste the Yunfeng tea base. Well.. I guess that makes sense since the name says “Very Grape”.

I loved the fact that it had peeled grapes (apparently they’re all handpeeled) inside the drink, it was a fun (and healthy :P) alternative to pearls! It did clog the paper straw sometimes as it was a little too big.

The cheese foam topping was creamy and quite cheesy, very overwhelming on its own but surprisingly good when paired with the sweet taste of grapes. I enjoyed it personally, but if you don’t generally like cheese in your bubble teas then you may want to give this a pass as the cheese taste is strong.

You only get two options for sugar levels, Normal vs Less Sugar. We picked Less Sugar but still found the drink slightly sweet, which is just nice for sweet tooths like me but my friend found it a little too sweet for her liking.

Overall, a tasty drink and an experience worth trying, but I wouldn’t buy it for $9.50, unless the price was halved. You apparently pay more due to the authentic fruits and juice they put in but I think that’s not for me, I don’t think I need atas ingredients in my bubble teas.