I loved their hearty and affordable Taiwanese fare and hope to see them back some day. Their braised pork rice (卤肉饭) and XL fried chicken are good!

Braised Pork Rice/ Lu Rou Fan ($12++ - Lunch Bowl/ $15++ for braised pork ala carte; Pic 1). A generous slice of braised pork belly that’s served with some rice, sous vide egg and cai xin/ choy sum. It comes with white rice by default but you can add $0.50++ to top up to shiny rice (like I did.

The great thing about the pork belly is that it’s got that balance between the melt in your mouth fat and tender meat. And being costed in the homemade soy sauce, it was irresistible that keeps you yearning for more.

The shiny rice deserves a special mention for how simple ingredients like lard and garlic oil can amplify a simple bowl of starch.

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