6th Ave Wanton Mee has a simple menu of various noodle dishes such as Dumpling Noodles 水饺面 ($4.00 nett) & Wanton Mee 云吞面 ($3.50 nett), but my all-time favourite is their Mushroom Noodles 香菇面 ($4.00 nett, on the left).

It's my go-to default dish whenever I am here. The mee kia noodles are perfectly bouncy, & the mushrooms plump & juicy. My mum finds the mushrooms bitter, though, & preferred her Wanton Mee. I guess she dunno how to 吃苦 (jkjk sorry mum).

I placed my order via Facebook messenger the night before (7:00PM cut-off time), & let them know I would bring my own clean containers to minimize waste. When your order is confirmed, you'll get a confirmation number.