This Oriental Bolognaise ($20) wowed us with its twist 👍🏻
Crispy Gyoza with Truffle Soy Vinaigrette ($16) not only whet our appetite with its alluring aroma but also with its fabulous yumminess 😍 Totally fell in love with the vinaigrette 😘
Hong Shao Short Ribs ($38) braised in Sichuan style with steamed spicy & sour potato noodle, baby bak choy & roasted bell pepper. A good recommendation by the staff but it lost the limelight to its neighbor - the tenderly soft Wagyu Striploin 😂
Fried Calamari with Yuzu Tartar Sauce ($19) was the usual starter but I found it slightly rubbery hard 😅
Charcoal Grilled Pork Bits ($15) served with marinated green chilli, fried japanese purple sweet potato, homemade crispy rice & drizzled with cumin spice dust. Quite an enjoyable appetizer to chew on with cocktails while waiting for the mains 😋
Blue mussels cooked in Sichuan spicy & sour nage served with Chinese yam noodle succeeded in conquering & numbing our tongues 👅 Though a rather strong dish but I kinda enjoyed the shiokness & the fresh plump mussels. Indeed live up to its name - Sweating Mussels ($29)