Now that Sandos are all that, everyone wants sandos with that glorious cheese pull that is both satisfying to both the tastebuds and the eye. Admittedly, I’m a fan of the cheesy sandos, but it doesn’t take away the fact that the Dashimaki Mentai Tamago Sando is a fierce competitor of the cheesy sandos out there. The 2 thick, glorious yellow tamago slabbed in between two pieces of bread and glazed with the pinkish mentai sauce was an aesthetic to die for. But more importantly, this was one flavourful sando. The light and fluffy tamagoyaki was huge in portion and rich in sweetness, while the mentaiko sauce added a touch of savouriness to its entirety. While the mentaiko sauce was delicious, it overpowered the yuzu and Karashi mayo, which I hoped to have experienced. Nonetheless, I’d recommend this especially if you love tamago!


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