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The pictures might not really great, it looks dry and bland, but let me tell you that IT'S REALLY GOOD!

Pizza queen margarita ($16): it's crispy and juicy. The cheese is just right with great sauce, the dough have it's crispy and doughy part and soooo good

I come for the Sunday and Monday special menu with $25.80 for any 2 main dish, we order lamb chop and grilled pork loin

Lamb chop ($25.8 for 2): I can taste the lamb and I don't really like it but the moment I mixed it with the sauce it tastes greatt

Grilled pork loin ($25.8 for 2): this is the winner for me! It's tender and the spice mixed in is perfect! It tastes amazing and served with some fruit puree so I could get a bit of variations of it, I don't taste any fat in it but it's sooo soft and not too dry as oposed to meat with no fat at all (?) anywayy I RECOMMEND THIS!

All the main dish served with big chuncks of brocolli and carrot and mashed potatoes, size is big so the price is worth it. The food doesn't come as fast but the service is quite great (maune because there's only 2 tables to serve) and there's a service charge in the bill. But overall deffinitely wants to comes again!