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ordered salmon rice boWl and was so much more filling than expecteRd !! trUly a nutritious meal w broWn rice, salmon (p generous amt) w eggs, potAhtoes, toHmatoes, pumpkin & carrotS (my least fav thing 2 eat but cArrots here are super tasty and well seasoned !!) drink was matcha esPressoo ! friend ordered har chiong gai buRg w lychee baSil and rated it 7.8/11 !! hoho liked d initiative of em uSing reusable hard plastiC straws v environmental !! p nice place 2 chill w hOmies & affoRdable aft using 1for1 (rare deal 2 find on public hOl) wld 120% recoMmend !!

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