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Come meal-times in Singapore, roasted meat rice is often a delicious no-brainer. Set along the foodie haven of Keong Saik, this long-time corner coffeeshop stall is a favourite among the Burpple community for its stellar roast meats. They are best known for their Char Siew, a Chinese-style barbecued pork that comes slicked in a sticky sweet sauce and sporting a deliciously smoky char. They also do a tasty rendition of Sio Bak, roasted pork belly with a lovely crunchy crackling. Choose to have the meats with white rice or with al dente yellow noodles, and consider ordering a bowl of Wanton Soup ($3) that comes chock-full of plump dumplings. Prices start at a very affordable $3.50 for a plate of rice with meat. Pro tip: This place gets packed, so come by when they open at 11am for lunch, or an early dinner no later than 6pm.
Avg Price: $5 per person
Photo by Burppler Muriel A.