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Had pretty much enjoyed Enishi’s unique offering of Japanese-style Dan Dan Ramen at Tanjong Pagar previously; pretty excited to see Lowercase having a collaboration with them during this difficult period to serve Enishi’s signature Japanese Dan Dan Ramen at their premiere for pick-up/delivery.

Going for the “Moderate” level of spiciness (the other two levels being “Non-Spicy” and “Very Spicy”, this still works well for a quick takeaway option — the order comes with a bowl of the soup on the side, and a soft-boiled egg to be cracked by yourself in a separate bowl (not pictured). Tossing all of the ingredients together (Chasyu — Duck and Pork, Japanese Onions, Minced Pork, Ontama, Japanese Mizuna, Fried Onions and Japanese Pickles), the entire bowl provides an umami mix of flavours and a medley of various textures. The noodles are different from the typical Japanese ramen noodles on its own; thicker and chewier than the ones we are used to, almost akin to that of Ban Mian, while the sauce provides a umami and slightly peppery note for those have ordered the spicy variants. Really enjoyed how the Japanese pickles helped to add a sweet crunch, while the Chasyu is pretty tender and savoury whilst being cut in substantial cubes for a meaty bite. The Japanese Onions helps to provide yet another dimension of crunch, while giving the entire bowl a slight zing, and the Ontama adds a silkier touch to the noodles when mixed into the bowl. Still pretty delicious despite being in takeaway form; and made pretty convenient to order with Lowercase’s contact form where orders will be confirmed on WhatsApp. A great option if one is near the area, considering that this is only available at Lowercase during this very special times that we are going through.

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