Tried the 1-for-1 4-course meal ($79.90) on Valentine’s Day which seemed like such a good deal. The service was a bit strange because we got served all courses almost at once (the dessert was served with the appetisers at the start)

Appetisers: this was the best of the whole meal. We had both options of leek soup and bread with dip. Highly recommended!

Sides: calamari and truffled tater tots which were not too bad as well

Mains: tried the famous pork jowl and truffle mushroom pasta. As someone who likes fatty pork, this was a disappointment as it was 90% fat with barely any meat. With the fried sides, this left us with a greasy meal. The standard of pasta is what you would get at any regular pasta place, but overall very salty.

Desserts: we had both options of matcha churros and tiramisu. The churros added to the greasiness of the meal and was very sweet, so was the tiramisu.

Overall we had higher expectations especially with the good reviews on food king. As one of the reviewers also mentioned, it was probably more worth to get the $29.90 per pax 3-course set meal instead.