An oldie but a goodie, One Man Coffee’s French Toast is a pick-me-up any time of the week! Fluffy brioche, candied walnuts, salted caramel and fresh fruits (dat caramelised banana mmmmm). Sounds like it might be too sweet, but I thought it was quite well balanced, or just get this to share, you won’t regret it either way. Psst, 1-for-1 here with #BurppleBeyond!

Hi Dex! I am actually looking to sign up for a Burpple account, and I actually heard that there is a 30% discount if I get a referral from someone with a burpple acc, would you be willing to refer me your burpple code?? It would be greatly appreciated🥰🥰
Heyya, sure! That’ll be amazing. You can use my code: DEX239 for 30% off the Premium plan. ✌️
Thank you so much!!☺️☺️