It was my first time trying out Russian cuisine, and it was better than what I expected. The dumpling were slightly different from the usual dumplings, the skin of the dumplings were much more chewy and springy which was kind of nice. The salmon cheese crepe was really good with a good amount of cheese wrapped in the crepe. My favourite was the borscht, a tomato base stew, served with bread on the side. I am not someone who loves tomato based anything, but the soup really hits the right spot! As for the drinks, we ordered the fruit punch and kvass; The fruit punch is not like the usual ones, it is less sweetened. Most of the food are served with some sort of cream based sauce, this makes the fruit punch a really good palate cleanser. Kvass was really interesting, it tasted like beer without the alcoholic taste. The owners were also really friendly and it makes you feel like a part of the place. Overall, I would recommend giving it a try!