Despite the name, there’s nothing particularly gargantuan about @chirashikingkong. Their foie gras ootoro bowl is decent enough, but it certainly isn’t as loud & attention grabbing as their namesake ape, and the flavours aren’t really all that massive.⠀

The tuna belly (ootoro) was expertly torched, but I never quite got to fully enjoy it as it was diced into small cubes, and there weren’t that many of them either. However, there were two respectably sized slices of foie gras, and they had quite a nice sear on them. Oddly enough, one slice was perfectly cooked, with a texture like melting butter when I bit into it, while the other was overcooked & solid like gelatine.⠀

The best element in that bowl was undoubtedly the stellar short grain Japanese rice that’s been mixed in a terrific mix of truffle oil & flying fish roe. Yep, that’s Chirashi King Kong’s signature element in all of their ricebowls. What you get is sensationally seasoned rice that’s slick and indecently irresistible, and it occasionally pops off with a salty burst thanks to the diminutive flying fish roe hidden within the rice.⠀

Getting a bowl of torched tuna belly, foie gras & redolent rice for $19.90 nett is quite the bargain. Sure, it could be better, but that would probably mean a well justified price increase. Come to think of it, I probably wouldn’t mind that too much either.