The commonly found ones in Singapore are the roasted pork and roasted suckling pig where you can get them in hawker centres and restaurants while the Philippine’s version of roasted pork, also known as lechon, is relatively unheard of outside the Philippines community here. Fortunately, there’s Don Lechón in the East, selling a variety of lechon rice meals and traditional Philippines cuisine.

The Chopped Lechon rice meal ($10) comes with a sizeable portion of roasted pig with the crispiest of skin, a scoop of white rice and a dipping sauce that has soy sauce and vinegar in it. I have had this dish from Don Lechón before and the standard is still kept that level, thick juicy cuts that is well marinated in the inside with a crispy skin on the outside. Another dish that is new to me this time round is the Lechon Sinigang ($12) which is a tangy and savoury thick broth that contained chopped lechon, white radish, long beans, kangkong and eggplant in it.
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