From 4 June - 25 July, you can enjoy 6 seasonal meat-free soups & 3 creative meat-free renditions of #SoupSpoon classics 🥄

Here are 3 of the seasonal soups 😉

1. Budae Jjigae Korean Stew 🇰🇷
Spicy, sour & loaded with veggies, mushrooms & beancurd, the flavour is on pt. The sausage may not taste like the real thing, but is pretty good.

2. Buttery Tikka Masala 🇮🇳
Super creamy tomato curry with chickpeas & sweet potatoes. Will go super well with a naan or prata.

3. Sumo-Style Nabe 🇯🇵
Incorporated with soy milk, the soup is creamy & slightly sweet. The meatball texture is nice!

Stay tuned as I share more on the other meat-free soups available ✌

Thank you @thesoupspoonsg @quornsg @souperchefanna @allison_pr for having me! 🙆‍♂️ #meatfreeweek #meatfreemeals #FoodMakesCalHappy