Pretty simple way.

Step 1: Add whole prawns and a slice of bacon chopped in pan of oil and simmer at medium heat.
Step 2: In separate pot, heat up a pot of pork broth and ikan bilis seasoning. I used instant pork bone broth and instant pack of ikan bilis powder.
Step 3: Pour a scoop of broth into the pan to simmer the prawns until the broth turns alittle orangey red. Then transfer the prawns into the pot of broth and add sliced squid in.
Step 4: Scramble 2 eggs in the pan with leftover oil and bacon. Push them to one side, add in generous chopped garlic and beehoon.
Step 5: Set aside the cooked sotong and prawns and pour the broth into the pan of beehoon to let the broth absorb.
Step 6: Stir the beehoon, continue adding the broth until all of it is absorbed. Add in a tinge of tumeric, cumin, salt and pepper. Lastly, add in the prawns and sotong for a final stir.
Serve the beehoon wet still soaked in broth with your favourite sambal chilli sauce. The tip here is to use good prawns here.
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