1️⃣ WaraMochi Tea [Kyoto Roasted Green Milk Tea] - SGD 5.0 [M] / 6.0 [L] 🍃

The newest creation - WARABI MOCHI IN A DRINK⁉️Located at @orchardcentral, B2 @hokkaidomarche, (Besides Don don donki) @melpot_sg offers a wide range of japanese sweets has just opened it’s door on 21st December 2019. Tbh, I’m pretty surprised by how pronounced the hojicha flavor is here and it carries a lingering roasted aftertaste too. As for the soft, chewy-like warabi mochi, it compliments well & adds extra texture to the drink. Insider tips: the warabi mochi is sweet, so you can actually opt for a less sweet OR no sugar drink ☺️🍃

PS: Heard from the lady boss (i assumed) that they are revamping their menu soon. Do drop by and give them a try ☺️