Thought it would be good to make it a point to try Arabica’s food menu exclusive to their outlet at Chip Bee Gardens which was launched fairly recently; after all, this is the only Arabica outlet in the world to serve up a hot food menu — pretty much a highlight for those who are looking to experience their many outlets across the world, not to mention that the menu is developed by a head chef of a now-defunct Michelin-star restaurant in Taichung.

At S$32, the Beef Katsu Sando is the most exorbitant item on the menu — consisting of elements such as Deep Fried Japanese Wagyu Tenderloin, Homemade Katsu Sauce, and lettuce, this was an item that is pretty stellar in its own right. The toast comes soft and fluffy — pretty light and pan-fried slightly for a bit of sweetness; not too heavy on carbs but otherwise the star here is undeniably the Beef Katsu. One could easily tell the high quality of the Wagyu Beef being used for the dish here — not only was it melt-in-the-mouth tender, the sizeable chunks of beef carried a good meaty bite with every chew; no tough, fatty bits or veiny parts that refuse to fall apart — very delightful on its own that it does not really quite matter that the deep-fried batter was a little soggy from the Homemade Tonkatsu Sauce which carried a nice vinegary sweetness that cuts through the heaviness of the fried meat.

Must say that the item is pretty respectable in terms of quality and execution — it’s a pretty great Beef Katsu Sando to go for. That being said, its hefty price tag makes it feel more of a one-time off for me; sure, the beef is pretty high quality and all, but spending $32 on a single item in Arabica’s environment kinda feels a little excessive to me given the type of establishment it is. Still, something which I say it’s worth a try if one’s willing to splurge a little in their cafe escapades!

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