Coconut Steamboat (~$37 for 3pax)

@chickenlegendsg is probably the first to have this concept of using coconut water for the soup base. Great if you want something light on flavour but if you are a haidilao addict like me, try this only after you have had too much rich food in the week😂 or if you want something light on your wallet!

The small set at $20 comes with half a kampong chicken🐓, 2 prawns 🤔, crabstick, mushroom balls and assorted veggies. I would say pay the extra $9 for the large set which comes with a whole chicken instead. Definitely add on the meat platter for $12 but luncheon meat and cocktail sausages being included in this platter may not have been wise. Salted egg fish skin at $5 makes a great starter! Overall, expect the soup to taste flavourful only after most of the food have simmered in it.