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First time trying Mala Xiang Guo because I don't take spicy food and I cannot stand oily food. Went for xiao la and zhong la from Ri Ri Hong Ma La Xiang Guo. I would say that it is worth the try for people like me who cannot take spicy food at all. It was not numbing at all, but you still feel that slight heat to it. To be fair, it isn't super oily, but personally I don't fancy oily food so a little bit of oil would have been gerlak for me.
Also ordered some other sides like dumplings, wanton mee, roasted meat, etc. I honestly cannot remember how they tasted like as my belly exploded from just eating the mala alone.
Oh yea, also purchased Bunnies Bread which was nearby! Got peanut, red bean, garlic and curry. Gave the peanut away to another friend. The garlic was a little disappointing as it was not strong in its garlic taste. The curry one tasted a little sweet (not to my liking). However you can never go wrong with red bean :D will try the other flavours again next time!