A Xi'An street specialty, this sandwich wrap resembles a scaled down, palm sized version of the murtabak. The crispy 'sandwich' reminds me of prata - execept that it wasnt fried with ghee (phew) but rather, baked in a wok/pan. The exterior was incredibly crispy that flakes fall off with each bite. They're many different fillings available. I had the signature pork, where the pork flakes were stewed in a blend of secret spices and mixed with crunch green capsicums. It looked kinda like tuna. The pork flakes were super tender and juicy - I appreciate how it doesnt reek of oil or gets overly salty - tho at some bites, you do realise you're biting into some bits of fats (negligible i would say!). At $4.90++, this is definitely an affordable lunch choice in the CBD area. The big eaters may consider to add-on a bowl of their signature suan la fen to complete the meal! You know this appeal to the office crowd from the long queue at lunch time and also... sightings of plenty Westerners in the queue!

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