Back at my fav steamboat!! They increased the price for the steamboat sets by $10 :( but we still went for the 4-5 pax set this time. It came with sliced mutton, mutton ribs (best), assorted mutton offals (yumzers), beef tripe (which came in this disc-shaped that confused all of us, but interestingly disintegrated in the pot into strips of mutton tripe; think dried flower tea blossoming in hot water, except this is some awesome flower), mashed shrimp (taste like bai nian YTF), and mutton liver (weird but nothing the awesome chilli sauce can’t fix). Btw awesome chilli sauce is really great, first time I actually ATE all my sauce (a whole bowl!). Set also includes vegetables and mushrooms, noodles, and a dessert.

Honestly it’s a bit much for 4 pax, good for 5. And since we tried the side dishes previously, it might be better to go a la carte and order some mutton and side dishes, as some people might find the set to be mutton overload (not me tho 🙂).

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