My previous visits to this place was actually for the Pork Burger, but I just got distracted so much to try the other items that were either specials or had made a comeback on their newest iteration of the menu that I needed to make yet another visit for this one.

The more I have this Pork Burger, the more I actually understand why I just love it so much — the savouriness from the Chorizo-like patty is something that seemed very unique to Necessary Provisions, not to mention that it's well crusted on the exterior for a good texture. The buns are light; toasted a little for a crisper texture while the melted cheese just gives the patty extra oomph. I also liked how the apple sauce gave that extra hint of sweetness that cuts through the meatiness. Remembered how I once mentioned how this burger was like a needy girlfriend that cost the same with the sides changed and subsequently came without? Yeah it's seemed to have gotten more needy with a somewhat smaller portion of pork now (not sure if it's that noticeable for others, but it's pretty stark to me). Still, something I would find myself looking forward to having here.