If my regular haunt is Brawn & Brains, then Tarte by Cheryl Koh bears the same resemblance to a friend who will never skip on an opportunity to be there’s so have me go along for the visit — probably also having a personal goal of trying every single tart that they have on the menu for that same little achievement in the heart that one gets when they score a reward for clearing a mission on an online game; you probably get my drift here.

Not sure if anyone is aware that Tarte by Cheryl Koh actually has two strawberry tarts on its menu — there is one that is prominently display at the counter as one walks up the escalators at Shaw Centre; the Strawberry Tart, but there is also the Jukhyang Strawberry and Yuja Tart that appears on the dine-in menu which is only available at their Shaw Centre outlet which turns out to be of a plated dessert as opposed the former.

Using the very same Jukhyang strawberries from Korea that they are featuring in their limited-time only Premium Korean Strawberry Afternoon Tea menu, the Jukhyang Strawberry and Yuja Tart comes with a light citrus yuja cream beneath the strawberries within the tart — a slight variation from the standard pastry cream that is used on the usual Strawberry Tart. This version even comes served with a light strawberry coulis on the side — poured in by the servers for a theatrical experience as it arrives at the table.

Whilst both the Jukhyang Strawberry and Yuja Tart and the Strawberry Tart do sound rather similar on paper, its clear that the Jukhyang Strawberry and Yuja Tart is the more premium offering of the two — the strawberries do come pretty sweet and soft to the bite, but the main difference lies with the lightness of the Yuja cream; almost akin to that of an Yuzu-infused pastry cream that attempts to cut through and refreshes the tastebuds from the sweetness of the strawberries — the strawberry coulis adding a slight zing that brings the two elements together, which brings across an even lighter, but more refreshing flavour profile as compared to the usual Strawberry Tart that they have to offer. All that comes with Tarte by Cheryl Koh’s perfect tart base that comes off neatly without crumbling into a mess when one slices through the tart; we were even pretty impressed with how sturdy the tart base was considering we had allowed it to soak up the strawberry coulis for a while — still maintained that usual firmness that holds the tart up altogether.

Tarte by Cheryl Koh had recently revamped its menu to include other plated desserts such as a Thin Crispy Apple Tart (another dessert here that I absolutely adore), and Vanilla-Chocolate Profiteroles. Those looking for something more substantial will also be glad to hear how the Quiches do come with a bowl of salad by the side, and that they do offer simple sandwiches as well. Looking forward to more of their seasonal offerings and plated desserts in time to come!

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