And now, we end with the starters...and a dessert. As you all already know, @thegoodburgersg onion rings are probably one of the best in town, and you should put a ring on it. That’s how good they are. The Golden Nuggets ($6 nett) are supposedly made outta Tindle fake chicken as well, but they somehow manage to hold up better than the Tindle in the burger. Perhaps it’s due to these nugs being one bite wonders, which results in less time chewing and thus less time for the Tindle to start dissolving into powder. The clown prince of fast food better watch out, cause these nugs are so damn good they might just have his beat.⠀

The reason why The Goodburger ain’t vegan is due to the cheese, and that’s a good thing. Seriously, why go vegan when you can have mozzarella sticks for eight bucks? They are standard issue stuff, but breaded & deep fried mozzarella sticks are a surefire winner no matter what.⠀

And finally, the churros ($6 nett). These are made from potato flour, so they are pretty dense in texture. In fact, these comely churros have a bite like a mochi ball, with a springy stickiness on each bite. It’s coated in an ample dusting of cinnamon sugar for a sweet ending, and a sweet ending we had alright.