craving for a taste of meaty barbequed or grilled western food? This place delivers with its simple variety of burgers, pork ribs, pasta, side dishes, etc. We ordered the Flaming Beef Spaghetti which was a pleasent blend of mildly sweet, acidic, savoury beefy flavours, and LOTS of spices. It reminds me of mexican cuisine! Next, the Bourbon Pork Ribs which was a generous portion of meaty satisfaction. Sweet and grilled without the overly bitter char from the grill. Definitely a recommend for those leaning towards sweeter tastes. And lastly, their Soy Garlic Chicken. We ordered fried chicken, not batter, and in that they delivered! The batter was thin yet crispy, not oozing with oil, while the meat remained juicy and thick! And the seasoning was indeed garlicky and nicely salted. Overall a pleasant and delightful experience!