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Date visited: 19/5/2018 (Sat, 8pm)

There were quite a number of orders ahead of me. A few people were standing around, probably to takeaway their food.

Western BBQ uses a wireless paging system. So, after ordering my food, I just had to wait at my own table in comfort.

Waited for about 40minutes before I went to collect my chicken chop. If you request, the stall will gladly add their special garlic sauce - which is meant for their pork chop- to your chicken chop. No extra charge.

Unfortunately, by the time I collected my food at 8:40pm, my favourite (old-school) butter bun was out of stock. I love their old-fashioned butter bun because it was something I always had when I was young, thus it never fails to ignite a sense of nostalgia in me. Was sorely disappointed.

Their signature sauce packs a wallop! It is garlicy, savoury, yet somewhat sweet. If you don't like the 'spiceness' of garlic or tasting sweetness in your savoury food, then this is not for you.

The serving size of their chicken chop set (with two sides- fries & coleslaw) is quite substantial for an Asian lady with an average appetite. After all, they use a whole chicken leg for their chicken chop.

I enjoyed my dinner; the chicken was perfectly cooked; the fries and the coleslaw were good too; but I felt like I surfeited on (highly-flavoured) food. Part of the reason I was surfeited could be because of the sweetness of the sauce.

I couldn't finish my fries though if I had the butter bun, I would have saved it for breakfast the following day.

At $6, the chicken chop is very good value for money for a good dinner.