Missing Bali? This new bistro offers wide selections of Indonesian food with Bali’s hip ambience.

For those who are new to Indonesian food - can try this Chicken Crazy Fried Rice. The dish served on a wooden talenan (cutting board), with emping (melinjo chips) & lalapan (fresh salad). The chicken is super crispy yet juicy, reminding me of the Japanese chicken katsu. The fried rice is the brown style, cooked in sweet soysauce. Be careful when eating the chili, as it is considerably spicy even for Indonesian.

Other recommended dishes that deserve a shoutout are oxtail soup (sup buntut) & Balinese Satay. The oxtail is on the sweeter side and the beef is very tender and fatty. The Balinese pork satay is crispy and sweet, served with chili sauce.