Themed restaurants have always been a miss for me. It seems like they always lacked quality food. This place was slightly different.

For main courses : Food was decent with an exception. We had the pan seared salmon and basil pesto pasta. Salmon was slightly fishy but vegetables were executed well. The pesto pasta was abit disappointing as they mixed the pesto into the cream and I believe sugar was added too which gave the whole thing a too “sweet” taste. Personally I’d prefer if the cream pasta was done classic with chicken on it and basil added ontop of the chicken, thus giving better layers to the flavours vs just throwing a pesto bomb into the pan.

Desserts were good , was happy to hear they did their cakes in-house. Choco cake was good and moist. Hedwig’s message was good too.

Drinks were their biggest let down. Seems like it was a lot more for “show” , instead of doing a delicious cocktail. I wished they could have done more with that!

However overall I’d say this place ain’t bad! If I were to visit again I’d skip the drinks, go for the grills instead and just settle for their choco cake :)

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