🍜 sanuki beef egg udon (S$11.60)

i’ve always been a huge lover of udon & when the craving hit, it was a huge no brainer that i had to pay a visit to @tamoyasg @ plaza singapura. especially since they offer 30% off with @burpple beyond!

udon noodles had just the right bite and chewiness to it, beef slices were tender & fatty and the onsen tamago added a creaminess to the savoury yet slightly sweet broth.

i think the broth could be a bit overwhelming for some towards the end since it had a lot of depth to the flavour; but it was just right for me & i really enjoyed using it as a dipping for the crispy tempura!

my only complaint is that the tempura bits got soggy by the time we sat down with our bowls. queues get long pretty fast even on a weekday evening, but for affordable delicious food, i’d say it’s worthwhile.