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There goes my second and last Burpple Beyond offer for 4oz cups at Tom’s Palette! Nooooo! With the choice of two flavours per cup at only $5, snagging two cups at $5 is a total steal with Burpple Beyond. Anyway, $5 for a 4oz cup is still affordable and they have 10% discount for students anyway, so I’m still gonna go even after finishing my Beyond deals.

None of my favourite flavours or waffles today so I was forced to try something new but I’m glad for that. I went for the Mocha Macnut/Yuan Yang while my dining partner went for the Kueh Dadar/Parmesan Cheese & Cream Crackers.

Mocha Macnut: this hits all the right spots if you love chocolate and macadamia nuts. The coffee flavour isn’t that strong, so even if you don’t like coffee, it shouldn’t be an issue. I loved how generous they were with the large macadamia chunks, which provided crunchy spurts of nuttiness to the chocolatey ice cream.

Yuan Yang: I love how you can see the tea leaves in there, and it actually legit tastes like a good old cup of yuan yang. The coffee and tea flavours are balanced nicely with one another, with neither overpowering the other. Overall this was a little milder in flavour than the Mocha Macnut, so it should be enjoyed first lest it comes off as a bit tasteless, but I liked this!

Kueh Dadar: one of my favourite kuehs in ice cream form! Yay! The ice cream base has a light pandan flavour, with grated coconut and gula melaka mixed in to give a gritty and chewy texture. If you love the kueh, you’ll love this ice cream. Unfortunately, this isn’t one of their regular flavours, so you’ll have to check before heading down if you specifically want this flavour.

Parmesan Cheese & Cream Crackers: totally judged my friend for choosing this as it seemed like such a strange combination, but I revised my opinion pretty quickly after actually trying it. I honestly didn’t know what to make of this flavour at first bite. The savouriness of the Parmesan Cheese messes with your mind on how an ice cream should taste, but my friend urged me to take a bite with the cracker and omg that was amazing. I really can’t describe how this flavour tastes, but you have to try it for yourself. Don’t give up on it on your first bite if it confuses your tastebuds, take another bite (hopefully with the cream cracker) and you might find yourself loving this flavour too.

*Note: If there’s a flavour you really want, drop Tom’s Palette an email and they’ll update you if or when they have it! :)