Apart from their happy hour promotions for oysters, The Oyster Bank also serves up affordable and delicious bowls of don.

If you can’t decide between having 1 bowl from another, they’ve made your life easier by offering you half & half bowls!

I went for the half Spicy Salmon & Half Unagi Don! Each bowl was served with warm Japanese short grain rice, topped with your choice of ingredients, ikura, tamago & ginger.

The spicy salmon packed quite a punch, with freshly chopped slices of salmon mixed into their spicy sauce, but leaving you want more.

The Unagi was perfectly grilled, and barely had any bones in it (a good plus!).

What I enjoyed the most was that the sauces from the spicy salmon & Unagi actually tastes pretty good together and helped to coat each grain of rice, allowing you to finish the entire bowl of rice flawlessly, without much effort.

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