My one last dining-in hurrah had to be at somewhere special. After seeing them featured on some Instagram stories, I made a reservation at Catfish immediately - I was gonna go out with a bang of course.

Catfish is described as a contemporary fish grill and raw bar with a mix of Asian fusion in its flavours. Pictured here is their Market Fish Kiev, a delicious deep fried piece of seabass topped with uni butter and gribiche sauce. While it seemingly looked like it was essentially elevated fish and chips without the chips, I took a bite and was blown away. The highlight of the night, holy f**k, it was so so good. The savoury uni butter made wonders with the crispy fried seabass and paired delectably with the side of gribiche sauce.

While the price did make my wallet cry, I was really glad I ended up ordering this. Not to mention that the lack of Catfish Tacos (what I originally wanted to try at Catfish) wasn't missed.

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