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Strangers at 47 truly is the place whereby they aren't afraid to challenge themselves in evolving their menu with quirky yet fun flavours! Recently they have introduced the latest addition of houjicha latte and houjicha lava cake.. I was really excited to try it out as I'm an avid lover of all things lava cake! Today I decided to try out their Houjicha Lava Cake (RM17) which requires 15 minutes of waiting time.. So if you're not a patient person, you can opt for their lovely crepes to try from.. But let me tell you, that the 15 minutes of waiting time is absolutely worth the wait!! As the presentation of the whole dessert is really beautiful and photogenic! This lava cake is paired together with a whole meal crumble, blueberry jewels and a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream.. The moment the cake was cut to reveal the thick and not so watery flow of houjicha that is just amazing to watch and it is still warm despite the time spent in documenting its beauty before it's being devoured.. In terms of texture and taste of the lava cake, well I can say that they totally were on point as the cake is not too dense yet it was soft and fluffy yet sturdy and the cake is still moist! The houjicha presence is really evident in every mouthful with that toasty rice and it's roasted green tea flavour yet it was nicely balanced with the sweetness and not too overpoweringly green.. The whole meal crumble does help to enhance the experience with adding a layer of buttery sensation on top of the houjicha cake.. A must try dessert!