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Roasted vegetable salad (not displayed): savoury and tart Asian vinaigrette dressing, freshly roasted broccoli, cauliflower, sweet potato, carrots tosses in quinoa. Real lovely way to start the meal! Appetising, crunchy and healthy we polished the food before we could take a photo 😅

Mussels special with wine sauce: highlight was definitely dipping the fresh chewy house made bread into the mussel sauce.

Herb crusted barramundi: Okay dish. Appetising tomato base and perfectly roasted potatoes and vegetables. As it said herb crushed I expected some crisp to the dish, but the herb crusted skin was crispy. Still a great healthy and light option.

Sirloin steak special: great quality beef. Wish it could be more flavourful though. Fries were perfectly seasoned, crispy and addictive.

Duck confit pasta in hazelnut sauce: great dish!!! Love the al dente home made pasta. Very soft and flavourful duck meat. Hazelnut sauce was creamy and complemented the meat and pasta well without being gelat. Small hazelnut pieces added to the crunch. Loved the dish!