After a 6 months "vacation" which saw them "dabble" in nasi ayam goreng, @hammees_sg is finally back, serving what they do best --- excellent handcrafted cheese burgers at affordable prices!

I was there after lunch hour on a weekday. This is not a place to go if you are in a rush because a so-called 15 to 20 minutes wait will invariably stretch to 30 minutes or more as each burger is made to order.

I am pleased to report that the young couple running the stall have managed to keep up their standards after their 6 months sojourn. In fact, I think they have improved on the blends for their burger patties.

Hammees has also introduced an upgraded battered fish burger. To be honest, it tastes like a better version of fillet-o-fish but the portion is kinda on the smaller side.

They have also upgraded their fried chicken burger with a thicker piece of fried chicken thigh which makes it even more juicier and it now comes in two variations: original or spicy (with roasted garlic and peppers). I personally recommend the later for a more punchy and flavourful kick.