Now we get to the meat (or lack thereof really) of the matter: @thegoodburgersg new not-chicken burger, the Tindle patty powered What The Cluck burger ($18 nett). The Tindle fake chicken patty is backed up by those glorious buns, a homemade secret sauce, cheese and pickles. It’s a good ol’ chicken burger from down South, except minus any actual chicken.⠀

The Tindle patty does look like chicken, but it all falls apart the minute you bite into it. Chicken is soft & supple in texture, but the Tindle patty gets increasingly dense the more you bite into it, almost like biting into cardboard. The weird thing about Tindle is that it starts to dissolve into a powdery residue when you start to chew on it, exactly like a paracetamol tablet dissolving on your tongue.⠀

The fake chicken leaves much to be desired, but Goodburger’s batter is stunningly sublime. Crunchy, crispy, craggy and seasoned superbly, the batter rescued the Tindle patty from gastronomic hell. The batter’s loyal wingman is the stellar secret sauce, which is creamy, salty and slightly spicy, which combines well with the melted cheese to smoothen out the textures of the batter. The pickles throw a whole lot of sharp sourness into the mix, which is more than welcome to offset the greasy deliciousness going on inside the burger. If the Tindle patty was an actual cut of chicken...hoo lawdy. Chicken sandwich perfection is what we’d have.⠀

The Impossible patties are much more convincing than the Tindle patties, but I’d still advise trying the What The Cluck at least once to experience the deliciousness of The Goodburger’s burger brilliance.