Probably cuz daddy wanted to come since the last time I brought them over and they were pleasantly surprised by the food and insanely affordable prices. This time we went to their other outlet at Bukit Merah cuz their Pandan Gardens one closed down. What luck we ate once just before it closed😂 This outlet was alot bigger cuz they had the outdoor seatings (kopitiam) as well as indoor seatings with aircon and superrrrr alot of customers. Be sure to book and reserve before going down! And nooooo my 2 for $68 crab promo no more liao BUT the crabs were still huge for each price tag of $60! Signature being their salted egg crab (super yummy!!) THE FISH WAS SUPER FRESH I WAS SHOOK. Recommended place for family dinners/gatherings!!🌈
• Chilli Crab ($60)
• Salted Egg Crab ($60)
• Black Pepper Crab ($60)
• Marmite Chicken - small ($12)
• Hong Kong Style Red Garoupa ($56)
• Chinese Spinach w 3 Eggs - small ($10)
• Steamed Man Tou 6pc ($6)