12-hr slow cooked NZ short rib with shaved papaya herb salad. This beef short rib was so tender, it just flaked off. You don't need any knives for this. Take a fork and take a bite. This was marinated in coconut milk, as u can see from the white creamy sauce covering the short rib. The taste of this is almost indiscernible. If you don't like strong gamey taste of red meat, then you should probably try to eat it together with the red sauce and the papaya for every bite. It helps.

This tasting session was hosted by Burple! Thanks for the invitation!

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Beef short ribs ($29)
Chilli sea salt wings (6 pcs)  These wings were marinated in coconut, and sprinkled with Sze Chuan salt, which was lighter in taste.
Pork Lovers
Salt And Pepper Squid
Beef Short Rib (Twice cooked)
Chilli Sea Salt Wings
Wok fried salt & pepper squid.
Pork lovers ($19)
Pork Lovers
Beef Short Rib (Twice Cooked)
Son-in-law Eggs
Wok-Fried Salt & Pepper Squid