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Had 2 tacos each via 1-1 and we had to say, this is a refreshing take to the usual food that we had!

Barnacoa Pork - A slow-braised sweet & spicy shredded pork shoulder served w/ cilantro, onion and their own vatos hot sauce. Taste and feel like a Mexican while munching on it. The hot sauce when tasted on your tongue tingles with each munch yet the cilantro cools down the hot sauce that tingles.

Chimichurri Chicken - Spicy chicken w/ sweet tangy chimichurri salsa, lettuce, cilantro lime cream & mexican cheese. This is definitely the refreshing of the 2 types we had, must not be missed! Its oomph with light & the ingredients meld together in crunch! We thoroughly enjoy this over the pork albeit the pork stands well on its own too!

Mexican Soda taste like coke and sprite LOL

Be prepared to get messy but its a mess that's worth the mess!

Bring along your partner/friends and enjoy the food & chill environment. They serve alcohol as well.

Will be back for more. Kudos~

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